how do the transformers at universal studios work

Universal Studios Florida 1-Day Universal 1-Day Park-to-Park Universal 2-Day Park-to-Park Source: Undercover Tourist TRANSFORMERS: The Ride-3D Details Quick Facts Type Poi | Ride Duration 5 min. A desk is projected from the floor onto the film, and through strategic lighting it reflects perfectly onto a blackened wooden cutout of the desk so it looks real. The Unquiet Death of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, DVD, Limited Edition, Black & White, Full Frame, Special Interest-Politics, 736899130527 Explore Our: Universal Studios Florida Park-Specific Guide, Universal Studios Florida Vacation Planning Guide. The ride's audio is contained on board the EVAC vehicles, which deliver 5,000 watts of sound from a 14-channel audio system. That head also includes a removable elven helmet which also fits onto the second head - a half-orc.This figure also includes 2 sets of upper arms . Universal and ILM have taken great care to synchronize the film with the motion-base vehicles' movements, so effectively that you don't really notice that you are watching short clips of films on 14 different screens when you're on the ride. Transformers do not generate electricity. Matthew spent the majority of his time at . Planners like me will already have lists of things they want to see and do, but what about thingsto avoid? If you don't mind being split up from your party or you are traveling solo, you can save a ton of time using the single-rider line on most attractions, including Mario Kart: Bowser's Challenge. Harry Potter. Aside from that, this is basically just another good indoor ride to beat the heat. universal studios hollywood transformers meet and greet 19 3407 . Theres not much in the way of jump scares and nothing beyond what youd expect from the Transformers universe happens. Russell explained that Universal had to employ a rear projection 3D screen here so that the props would not cast shadows on the screen. If you're unfamiliar with the Transformers story and terms, don't worry. The goal is to use technology in any form, to transport people to another world, says Thierry Coup, Universal Creatives senior vice president of the creative studio. But like those rides, the action is mostly an illusion and not a physical thrill. TRANSFORMERS: The Ride-3D is an immersive, next generation thrill ride blurring the line between fiction and reality. THE STORY There are differences in prices for adults and children. There are two main entry types - Studio Passes and Express Passes. The visual perspective of the movie shifts to wherever the viewer is, so that it looks perfect to riders but would appear distorted to those standing on the side. All the while, the projector shows the 3D movie onto a 50-foot tall screen. On days when reservations are required, guests who purchased Universal Express won't need a reservation, but they will still need to wait in line. We work with technology partners to look at the future and see how were going to incorporate that into our attractions, to immerse our guests in a way that theyve never dreamed about.. "You dummy," I quickly realized. The technology and effects were cool when it first opened, so if you rode it back then, you know how great this was. It first opened at Universal Studios Florida on May 15, 2008, and then a few days later at Universal . There is a moment when water sprays in your face. Its fun. Humans are very sensitive to anomalies in their environment: If you dont give them the right input, they detect right away that its not real.. Personally, Transformers is my third-favorite. Many guests used tostarttheday on Upper Lot, wherethe main entrance, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and the World-Famous Studio Tour are located, whilesavvy guests headed to Lower Lot first. Universal announces new theme parkin Texas. You can always take your time exploring the land afterward. How to get to Universal Studios Japan By Train (fast & simple - the best option): By Bus (direct from airport): By Ferry (a nice way to end your visit): Where to stay Hotels near Universal Studios Japan The Singulari Hotel & Skyspa at Universal Studios Japan The Park Front Hotel at Universal Studios Japan Hotel Kintetsu Universal City The ride vehicle is. 25. Therefore, the average waiting time is around 40 minutes. Only at Universal Studios Hollywood will you find something for every Transformers fan: Apparel including NEST and Sector 7 gear EVAC and other Autobot action figures Toys, Jewelry, and Collectibles How Scary Is Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run? (function(e,t,n,r){var i=n.currentScript,s=null;if(i)s=i;else{var o=n.getElementsByTagName(r),u=o.length-1;for(var a=u;a>=0;a--)if(o[a].getAttribute("rel")==="skimlinks-ref-banner"){s=o[a];break}}s&&setTimeout(function(){var i=e[t]||(e[t]=[]),o={"imageUrl":"/banners/img/referral/higher_commissions/728X90.gif","wid":"07","creativeId":60710,"color":"grey","size":"728X90","domainId":"1601785","publisherId":137930,"bannerUrl":"/banners/js/referral/referral_banner.min.js","cdnUrl":""};if(i.length===0){var u=n.createElement(r);u.src=o.cdnUrl+o.bannerUrl,u.async=!0,s.parentNode.insertBefore(u,s)}i.push({el:s,config:o})})})(this,"__skimlinksBanners",document,"script"); CONTACT US | ADVERTISE ON ITM Journey to the Center of the Earth is a soul-ripping toss-up for me. Im about to find out the key to this and several other secrets here, as one of the first to get a behind-the-scenes technologytour at this world-renowned theme park. Press J to jump to the feed. Weve been on it at both U.S. parks, so well base our experiences on those versions of this ride, but it should be similar anywhere in the world. While sound envelopes riders, blocking out the lifts loud machinery, the movie overwhelms them with a forward-moving sensation so immersive that its imperceptible to them that theyre actually moving up and down the elevators. Here's what NOT to do at Universal Studios Hollywood as America's first Super Nintendo World opens: America's first Super Nintendo World:I got a sneak peek at Universal Studios Hollywood. Planning a Universal Orlando Trip? :Universal plans to open year-round horror experience in Las Vegas. Here in the United States, you can hop on at Universal Studios Florida or Universal Hollywood. High quality goods Top Selling Products Products with Free Delivery New On Card Universal Studios Transformers Bumblebee Head 3D Pin, US $11.9 </p><p>Condition is New Shipped with USPS First Class Package <p>Universal Studios Transformers Bumblebee Head 3D Pin - New On Card </p> </p><br><p>Thank you so much for shopping . Later that night after the park has closed we revisit many of them, but with the lights on and with the creative team at our side. FUN FACTS. How Do The Interactive Transformers At Universal Studio Work Remote Controlled? Even as the movement of the ride vehicle focuses your attention to the various screens, Universal's filled the periphery with physical detail, including props and scenery that all but the most dedicated repeat visitors likely will miss noticing consciously. Here's the guide to one of the must-do rides in Universal Studios. It's been in popular films such as Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Transformers, Purple Rain, Pointbreak, and more. Meet the Transformers including Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Megatron at this photo opportunity. When you enter Universal Studios Florida or Islands of Adventure (and, sometimes, right before you enter the parks), you will be greeted by a photographer who will offer to take your party's picture. Related post: How to Overcome Fear on Roller Coasters. At Universal Studios Hollywood, Transformers: The Ride 3D soft-opened nearly two months before its official grand opening in late May 2012. UNIVERSAL STUDIOS Meet the TRANSFORMERS Sanam's Kitchen 48.3K subscribers Subscribe 7.5K 2.2M views 7 years ago SUBSCRIPTION LINK For instance, back when the Universal Studios Florida park opened in 1990, the marquee ride was Kongfrontation, an attraction in which a 30-foot-tall mechanical King Kong grabbed a tram of riders suspended in mid-air and dropped it to the ground. Its accomplished through a modern take of Peppers Ghost, a centuries-old illusion: A thin plastic film between the audience and stage is angled so its invisible to viewers. Is there a Transformers theme park? And while they didnt tell us how they were able to let people run through walls, I looked it up online: Turns out its a brilliant use of lighting and mirrors. At least not in the traditional sense. Evac is an Autobot from the Transformers: The Ride - 3D portion of the live-action film continuity family. She's been a long-time contributor on sites such as, Forbes,, and more. As for the ride itself, its track reaches a point where the vehicle stops, tilts down steeply to connect to another track, and then suddenly shoots riders downward to the basement of Gringotts Bank while the 3D movie theyre watching greatly enhances the drops depth effect. I really hate it. Created in 2005, what started as a tiny central Florida-based website and short weekly podcast that allowed our audience to visit Walt Disney World virtually has grown into the publishing company it is today. Meet the Transformers is located in Production Central at the Universal Studios Florida theme park. interview with Universal Creative's Thierry Coup. Also, a My Universal Photos photographer is on duty to take pictures that can be purchased after. So, lets get down to it! Prices start at $20. All the while, its traveling between domed theaters and live sets, to give riders a flying sensation. Flash Flood Simulator: Complete with water and fire. But its presence helps sell the veracity of the experience, even subconsiously. A Basquiat painting soared 2,209,900% when it was bought for $5,000 and sold for $110,500,000 in 2017. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Weve found that gathering as much information as possible really helps overcome fear on roller coasters and thrill rides. Universal Studios Hollywood v. Universal Orlando:What's the difference? Im not a fan of the dark, so there are parts of this ride that I find a bit unnerving. Transformers: The Ride 3D at Universal Studios Hollywood shot in 4K 60FPS! The characters at Universal Orlando can be separated into two groups: those that make individually-scheduled appearances and those that show up periodically throughout the day. real estate oaxaca, mexico EN; brandon fugal wife; lucky 13 magazine 450 bushmaster. Our Readers Say: "This is your typical spin and go up/down ride, comparable to Dumbo. This article has been archived and is no longer accepting comments. The Decepticon is one of the most popular attractions at Universal Studios Hollywood and has been making YouTube highlight reels with his gift for surprising his human visitors. As it turns out, Universals team didnt reveal all of their secrets and thats okay. How Scary Is Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance? PRIVACY POLICY. I absolutely can't wait to experience it. There are times, however, when you will feel like youre ascending and dropping like youre on a roller coaster, though. Fusing 3D HD media and flight simulation technology, this epic ride creates an experience unlike anything this planet has ever seen. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. When I first rode this back in 2013, it was new and awesome. As mentioned, the queue area is loud and a bit overwhelming. One of the actors uses a wand to open a real-life desk drawer thats spring-loaded and timed to pop open at that instant. Thats everything from news to food, celebrity to science, politics to sports and all the rest. The point of view is the same no matter where you stand. There are lockers for $10 at Islands of Adventure and $15 at Universal Studios Florida. You won't want to miss the most impressive physical prop in the ride. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey > Transformers > Spider-Man. If possible, try to avoid longweekends, spring and summer breaksand busyholidays. The backside of an otherwise incomplete prop vehicle appears on the screen, as the EVAC ride vehicle moves to the side so you can "see" it. They'll all be explained to you in the ride's queue. Type of Entertainment: Photo Op Alternatively, guests can have a family . 3,670. Showtimes: Every 20 minutes, the Transformers rotate and each Transformer will be out for photos one per hour during standard park hours. The place is divided into some rooms that simulate each room in the agency. Even knowing that, I cant wait to go back and be mesmerized all over again. One of Parkdom's Greatest Achievements While the ride purports to whisk us away into a fantasy world, Universal has to deal with the real-world problems of limited space in its parks. Transformers - Optimus Prime, Bumblebee \u0026 Megatron looks very real up close, extremely detailed figures, their voice/ speech is worth a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood. Transformers 3D: A hidden projector mounted 25 feet above the seats moves with two open-platform elevators, one which rises 30 feet during each ride, the other descends. New Arrivals. By using this site you agree to our privacy policy. This figure features a fan likeness as part of a brand new head sculpture! As Russell explained, each rotation of the ride vehicles serves as a cut, redirecting your attention to the various screens and props inside the ride. If you don't plan accordingly, you can waste a lot of time riding the long seriesof escalators orelevators between the two levels. I am a team player who is passionate about marketing and proper brand execution. Now that we have the basics out of the way, let's go through the best tips for you upcoming trip. This is what you came for, so you may be inclined toslowly soak in the immersive theming or photographeverything you see as you enter. Plane Crash Wreckage: Featured in Steven Spielberg's War of the Worlds. Meanwhile, Transformers: The Ride 3D will officially open at Universal Studios Florida on June 20, less than a year after it began construction. This is a movie. Toggle navigation. But the quality of the high-definition 3D projection was so convincing I'd forgotten that. The one element I missed in today's walkthrough? First, our group sat down with the creative team for some perspective. 1050. And if you can't wait for that, take a look at our December interview with Universal Creative's Thierry Coup, where he explains the ride in great (spoiler-laden) detail. I initially feared that learning the magicians secrets might ruin the trick. When my younger daughter was 8 years old, we went on the ride and she was initially really nervous just from the queue. The ride experience is motion simulation based with a ride vehicle that moves The ride experience is motion simulation based with a ride vehicle that moves along a track (NOT a roller coaster) and Shop by Brands/Transformers/Toys (9) Youth T-Shirts (7) Drinkware (7) Headwear (6) Adult T-Shirts (5) Key Chains (5) . But it's all so well coordinated that to you, the rider, the entire experience seems like one continuous "take.". In Asia, you wont find it at Universal Studios Japan, but you can ride it at Universal Studios Singapore and eventually Universal Studios Beijing (its still under construction). The loading area for Transformers: The Ride 3-D is pretty standard. I find sitting in the front or middle row helps. 2023 USA TODAY, a division of Gannett Satellite Information Network, LLC. Jeanne Croteau B.A., M.Sc. But as they become more savvy, we have to keep improving and staying on the cutting edge. In TRANSFORMERS: The Ride-3D, attraction designers and show producers collaborate to create an immersive experience using the media and physical sets. Transformers 3D: A hidden projector mounted 25 feet above the seats moves with two open-platform elevators, one which rises 30 feet during each ride, the other descends. Obviously, you (Continue reading) I also saved 150 minutes of wait time on Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, spending only 10 minutes in line. Next to this button is the word Reserve. 240K subscribers In TRANSFORMERS: The Ride-3D, attraction designers and show producers collaborate to create an immersive experience using the media and physical sets. "The ride is a series of magic tricks," Russell said. Here's what it's like. Here's what it's like. Score: 6.4/10. To pull of that seemingly simple feat, the sound has to be accurate to of a video frame. The Simpsons Ride: It uses the worlds first 4K projector illuminating a curved, 80-foot-tall screen at 60 frames per second a combination that eliminates any strobing that would otherwise occur on a screen this size. Meaning, you'll be moving forward on the track but also in all directions, making you feel truly immersed in the action. My first guess is that the arms are actually in the arms of the suit. Fast & The Furious Supercharged: Another 4-D simulator ride that sees you race alongside Dom and the gang. Like the Pacific ocean. The short version is, you're a visitor to the top-secret NEST military compound, enlisted into service to help battle-rookie EVAC get out of town safely, with the powerful Allspark in hand. Transformers is a high octane, action packed ride that has guests saving the world from the Decepticons! The Simpsons Ride is a motion simulator ride located in the Springfield areas of both Universal Studios Florida and Universal Studios Hollywood.Based on the animated television series The Simpsons, the ride was announced in 2007 as a replacement for Back to the Future: The Ride at both parks. Last summer, it onlytook me30 minutes to ride all three attractions in the Lower Lot as a single rider. That's just as important for first-time guests, especially when it comes to crowds and queues. Evac is a little new at this, but don't worry. I cover golf, luxury technology, and the intersection of the two. Related : Optimus Prime Spreads Message of Hope at Universal Studios. Duration: Expect to wait up to 15 minutes. Unlike the talking Transformers that recently began meeting and greeting with Guests at Universal Orlando speaking a variety of entertaining but obviously pre-recorded lines these new characters in Hollywood are completely interactive, reacting to Guests actions, commenting on their clothing, and even saying their names, all in familiar booming robot voices. When they come out, they can watch the kids while you enjoy the ride withouthaving to waitthrough the entire queue again. Exactly one year after Transformers: The Ride 3D grand opened at Universal Studios Hollywood, the park this weekend took character interaction to the next level by debuting a new chance for. And the Dementor's Kiss has always worked for me. Evac, the Transformer who is your ride vehicle, was created and designed exclusively for the Universal ride. Universal plans to open year-round horror experience in Las Vegas, Universal Studios Florida brings in big names for Mardi Gras, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. Note, depending on how busy the park is, reservations may sometimes be required to rideMario Kart: Bowser's Challenge,and there is no Express lane for the ride. The best way to keep track of wait times and show times is to use the free Universal Studios Hollywood app. 1. The ride vehicle is engineered to use the six degrees of freedom, giving guests the illusion that they're flying through the Transformers' world, battling robots. 282K views 4 years ago #Transformers #Cosplay Extreme Costumes built a life-size Bumblebee robot costume from the Transformers franchise. The environment in which the queue takes place simulates a base from the Non-Biological Extraterrestrial Species (NEST) Treaty. But to hear that sound and have that full experience, we'll have to wait a few more weeks. #UniversalOrlandoResort with Universal Orlando:LIKE - Facebook: FOLLOW - Twitter: - Instagram: He founded Inside the Magic in 2005. So Im going to just accept the fact that they really have created animated oil paintings in the Harry Potter Forbidden Journey pre-board area. Shop All Merchandise. 20052023 JAK Schmidt, Inc. All rights reserved. Children between 40-48 inches (102-122 cm) must be accompanied by supervising companion. Since growing up in Miami, Florida and ultimately moving to Orlando after college, Ricky has become an expert on Central Florida's many theme parks and attractions. And their Transformers 3D Ride - State of the Art ride is out of this world technology. The head is presumably animated via the actor moving but the arms are throwing me through a loop. "When I visited the Universal Studios during the weekend, there was a huge line of visitors waiting to take photos and talk with Megatron in the Transformers section," a Beijing father of a 3-year . I got a sneak peek at Universal Studios Hollywood. Shop by Brands. \"Science of Universal Orlando Resort\" is produced by NBC Learn in partnership with Universal Orlando Youth Programs. The suit weighs about 80 pounds and took over 1,200. Instead, this is a motion platform-mounted dark ride that follows a 2,000-foot-long (610 m) track. The arm twists the four-axis bench in all directions it actually leans riders so theyre flat on their backs at one point. Transformers simply increase or decrease electrical voltage by transferring one AC circuit to another using electromagnetic induction with two coils (single phase transformer). Its so immersive that people feel like theyve been on a ride they actually call it the Terminator 3D Ride, says Coup. Sure, youmiss out onseeing family and friends' reactions and some of the cool features builtinto attractionqueues, but youcan always talk about the experience afterward. It's more aggressive and disorienting than a theater-based simulator ride. To help you decide whether you can handle the ride, well discuss some specifics. Idk) to stretch across entire freaking oceans. It was able to create a roomy 60,000-square-foot show building for the ride on a 30,000-square-foot plot of land by going vertical and making it two levels. Its really worth it! But theres no word yet whether the Autobots and Decepticons will also begin truly talking with Orlando Guests there any time soon. Transformers: The Ride 3D queue is sometimes long, but not huge! Other ride technology has survived time well. Harry Potter. Transformers: The Ride 3D at Universal Studios Hollywood shot in 4K 60FPS! You can skip most long lines with aUniversal Express pass or VIP Experience, starting at $199 and $369 respectively, but you don't need to spend anything to save time and energy at the Southern California park. Our mission is to inform and inspire. As impressive as the visuals might be in Transformers, it's the audio that brings this story to life. To get on Transformers: The Ride 3-D, youll need to visit one of the Universal parks. Matthew started his career in the theme park industry in 2010, and over the past decade, he has helped design projects for both Disney and Universal. Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts: In the pre-boarding area, riders encounter a holographic projection of Bill Weasleys office, with what looks like two actors interacting in a real office with physical items. After you've experienced Transformers: The Ride-3D, get your hands on the most exclusive Transformers merchandise in the universe! The bench is actually attached to a robotic arm in the rear that rotates while progressing through the ride. But first let's have a look at the difference between Studio and Express Pass. 23 Easy Tips to Do Universal Studios Hollywood Like a Pro! You can see actual sets and props from iconic films and TV shows. Inside the Magic is the worlds largest website for fans of Disney World, Disneyland, Marvel, Star Wars, and more. With Transformers, Universal Studios Hollywood now offers two of the world's best 3D attractions, joining the Studio Tour's King Kong 360:3-D. For example, Optimus Prime thanks you for being a Freedom Fighter, Megatron expresses your inferiority to him, and Bumblebee plays and dances to different tunes like in the films. Other effects blowing air, tilting seats, vibration and audio enhance the sense of acceleration. It's all part of the act at Universal Studios Hollywood where the Transformers interact and speak with guests in huge costumes. Transformers: Universal Studios. He simply disappeared as he met the bricks. Standing still within the ride, you can see how the point of view depicted on the screen changes, to match the movement of the ride vehicles in front of it. As a child of the 1980s, I love Transformers. is a social sciences professor who lives with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and general travel anxiety. Case in point: In the Terminator 2 3D live stage show, a motorcycle rider appears to crash through the screen of a 3D film onto the real stage. Only by walking the track could I effectively see where film action ended and physical props began. Plus, if you miss out on anything the first time around, there will be plenty of other chances to visit:Super Nintendo World is coming to Universal Orlando Resort, too, Mark Woodbury, chairman and CEO of Universal Parks and Resorts officially announced this week. The blur effect on this ride has worsened over the years and it makes me feel sooooo sick. As with Disney's PhotoPass, the photographer will take a series of photos and hand you a My Universal Photos card with a QR code. Transformers: The Ride 3D (or simply Transformers: The Ride and Transformers: Battle for the AllSparks) is a 3D dark ride located at Universal Studios Singapore, Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Studios Florida and Universal Studios Beijing.The ride, based on the Transformers film franchise, was designed by Universal Creative, Oceaneering International, and Industrial Light & Magic. A mirrored floor makes the walls appear to descend infinitely. Explain Like I'm Five is the best forum and archive on the internet for layperson-friendly explanations. By keeping the audio on-board, Russell explained, Universal avoids the inevitable audio bleed that would happen between scenes if the sound were projected from speakers on the track. Video: Interactive talking Optimus Prime debuts at Universal Studios Hollywood, Video: Interactive talking Megatron debuts in Universal Studios Hollywood. Its smart. Here are some quick facts about Transformers: The Ride 3-D: The queue for Transformers: The Ride 3-D is pretty cool, but it can be overwhelming if youre nervous. Add in the ride vehicle motion, and you'll easily believe you're hurtling down a city street at more than 60 miles per hour. King Kong 360 3-D: A 4-D simulator ride that sees you encounter King Kong himself. Universal Studios. I walked right ontoJurassic World The Ride and waited less than five minutes each for Revenge of the Mummy The Ride and TRANSFORMERS: The Ride-3D. You can also use the app to jointhe virtual queuefor The Secret Life of Petsfrom anywhere in the park, instead of having to go to the ride in person to get a return time. In essence, the effect allows the 3D image to shift from one viewpoint to another. universal studios hollywood transformers meet and greet . the actors have a body suit with the mechanical decorations around the joints (head/waist) the entire thing only has 10 moving sections (2 legs, 2 thigh, 2 arms, 2 shoulders, chest, head) the legs have stilts and dont move and the knee part goes up a little ways to hide the actors knees. And I had to laugh at myself while watching one rooftop scene, as I instinctively walked to one side to get a better view of a building in the background. She created this blog with her partner to help inspire others to see the world and live their best lives. Alternatively, guests can have a family member, friend, or stranger take their picture with a phone or personal camera. You can expect discounts for seniors and handicapped children as well as handicapped adults. I just saw a man run through a wall. Remote controlled? But as I soon discovered, the opposite was true: It made me want to go on the rides again and see how all of the technology comes together so seamlessly. You and the kids can wait in the child-switch room while others in your party go on the ride. My question is how the hell did they manage to make these fiber optic cables (or copper? Transformers Universal Studios Characters At the exit of the Transformers ride, you will see an area that these giant Transformers will come out and greet guests. Pattl LaBelle, Maren Morris:Universal Studios Florida brings in big names for Mardi Gras. Lijae, of the Elite Elven Guard was created through a partnership with one of Four Horsemen Studios' retailers, making it a perfect addition to the "Retailer Only" wave! Shop by Brands. I still like a little mystery. This perspective showed me some of the tricks that Universal Creative and Industrial Light and Magic artists employed to create the illusion of a real-life battle between the good-guy Autobots and bad-guy Decepticons - where where you're taken along for the ride. I am all for being in the moment, but some planning is required to navigate Universal Studios Hollywood, which is divided intotwo main levels Upper Lot and Lower Lot. We met up with Extreme Costumes at New York Comic Con.See more from Extreme Costumes here: #CosplayINSIDER is great journalism about what passionate people actually want to know. Grand Opening Day Your vehicle is named Evac. All of your visceral, aural and visual input has to be in perfect sync, says Steve Blum, senior vice president of ride safety and engineering. It's possible (and likely) Orlando will follow the.

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