leo man and cancer woman compatibility

The sun is about the self, constantly radiating warmth and light, and these qualities are . Leo women exhibit power in everything they do, from passion to the fires of rage, and are uniquely suited to their lionesque portrayal. We both couldnt, we love each other too damn much. He adores his Cancer damsel for her funny, bright and alert attitude. There are factors that make us compatible, not just our Sun signs. But I dont know how he feels about me and I really wish I could just get him to tell me so I know where I stand. But I really feel his love in the bedroom! He provides her with protection and standards that are rare and worth admiring for a lovely lady like her. The Leo man also finds the Cancer woman a beautiful, elegant and a trustworthy individual and connects well with her. We literally never fought or bickered, everything we did was nothing short of a great time. Both are loyal and devoted, but they each have different styles of showing love. In the end, I think I was too insecure with him and worried about him leaving me too much. Any advise especailly from leo men, please and thank you. Both signs value family, commitment, loyalty, trust . But this love match together can act as each others strength and grow together as a very strong couple. If you are traveling, be aware that complications could arise, including restrictions or accidents. Weve been to hell and back. were good friends, and when im with him, its like hes the only person on this planet. feminine, I dont read much into astrology but this arrangement will get troublesome at one point or another, the clash is eminent. also i saw sommething about us cheating on women this is a true for a cub leo.i myself went through this its when we relize we can have our way with women im sure some leos dont mature as fast or not at all.be catious of the cub but also be understanding that there a baby no matter how many years of age they are there personality did not follow. I like him since I first met with him and I can sense that he likes me. My darn luck. This will make it easier for them to form and maintain a relationship than it would be otherwise. Hes usually telling stories and jokes in an animated way, surrounded by admirers and friends. When this back-and-forth dynamic reaches a critical juncture, both will have to actively pursue compromise. When looking at two zodiac signs' compatibility in marriage, you can infer a lot from how their symbolic counterparts might interact with each other. These people generally give great importance to aesthetics and refinement. Use the ancient technique of Kundli Matching, to help you choose the right kind of life partner. I was in idaho and he was in montana. [], [] Cancer Woman And Leo Man Love There are currently 56 responses to Cancer Woman and Leo Man Love Compatibility Why not let us know what you think by adding your own comment! A Cancer woman can attract a Leo man by complimenting him on his accomplishments, being supportive of his goals, and making him feel special. She knows how to respond to his needs, even when he is not expressive about his emotions. They are as different from each other as day and night. The sacrifices made by her are always valued deeply by him. He has become my everything. The Moon also moves much faster than the Sun. Im emotionally over the relationship because trust is a huge deal for me so I understand where the OP is coming from. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are the Water Signs. WOW! The biggest reason why a Leo man may cheat is if he is neglected in the relationship. He is the greatest person Ive ever known. There is a strong urge to bond with him. And I am not Moody, And my best Friend is a Cancer and she is nothing like your discrimination either. he drives me crazy

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